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Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks
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Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks



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Ten bright blocks are ready for baby to drop into the open bucket or through the shape-sorting lid. Baby will love filling the bucket with blocks, dumping them out, then starting over again. Great for eye-hand coordination and other early skills. Then baby can move on to sorting and stacking and learning about identifying and matching shapes. Includes plastic shape-sorting box with take-anywhere handle and ten colorful blocks.


Baby can sort and stack and learn to identify and match shapes

Shape-sorting lid and 5 different shapes help build early identification skills

10 colorful blocks are easy to grasp, hold and store inside bucket

Carry handle for take-along fun

Interactive learning aid

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Package Length: 8.43 inches
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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 1376 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

68 of 82 found the following review helpful:

5I can see her wheels turning...Nov 23, 2007
By T. Aulbach
As my 14 month daughter works on getting the right shape in the right hole. It's true that sometimes she just gets frustrated and picks up the lid and throws the shapes in the bucket instead of sorting them, but when I play with her talk to her and ask her where each shape goes she really focuses and we get them together. She looks so proud of herself when she gets them right, too! But even when she is playing by herself and taking the lid off, it's still a very fun toy for her to put them all in, take them out, and do it all over again!

600 of 781 found the following review helpful:

1Concerned about possible use of harmful chemicalsMay 12, 2009
By Sunshine
My son received this toy as a gift for his 6-month birthday. At the time, I remember hearing about how some plastic toys (often made in China) contain harmful chemicals that are known to cause cancer and feeling concerned that this toy might be one of them. I didn't do anything for awhile, seeing how my son enjoyed playing with the toy and thinking (stupidly) that if this toy were truly harmful, it wouldn't be sold in the U.S.

One day, I came across this toy on Amazon and noticed the warning to CA residents under "Product Details." I couldn't believe it when I read this toy is made with harmful chemicals known to "cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm." I bet a lot of people who are giving this toy 5 stars are not aware of the warning.

UPDATE TO REVIEW ON 10-28-09: Amazon has removed the warning about the harmful chemicals, and in response to an inquiry I sent them told me "Product information from the item detail is added or deleted upon manufacturers information." Amazon suggested I contacted FP, which I did, and the FP rep said he couldn't find anything in their records indicating the toy's manufacturing had been changed. The toy's production has not been altered since 2007. He suggested that perhaps the warning wasn't accurate, and that's why it was removed. That may be, but it seems like a pretty big mistake for Amazon to make on multiple FP toys. I see now that none of the FP toys that previously had this warning have it now.

As for my son's reaction to the toy, he liked to bang the pieces together and put them in his mouth, but he never bothered to try to sort the shapes since the top doesn't stay in place, as others have mentioned. My son always removed the top and took out all of the pieces, no matter how many times I showed him how to sort the shapes with the top in place. Talk about poor design! I should have given it 1 star for the "educational" rating in hindsight, but I figured that theoretically it could be of some value if a child didn't remove the top. Also, Amazon wouldn't let me go back and change my ratings.

I just got another shape sorter for him from Amazon (the Tolo Rolling Shape Sorter), and within minutes he tried to put the shapes in the slots because he couldn't remove either the top or the bottom of the unit. Now that's an educational toy!

81 of 106 found the following review helpful:

3Not that great of a sorter...Jul 25, 2007
By C. Murphey
This is a basic, durable, inexpensive toy. However what I don't care for is the fact that the lid doesn't snap on. I'm sure this is that way so babies can take it off, but I prefer the sorter that the child has to put the shapes through the holes. My baby figured out that it was easier to take the lid off! I like the Smartronics cookie jar sorter much better.

19 of 24 found the following review helpful:

5Great toyMar 27, 2011
By sallyjrw
I bought this when my daughter was 6 months old. She loved to chew on the blocks. Occasionally, I would try to get her to put the blocks in the bucket and yes she would just rip the yellow lid off. My thought process was she's just a baby and she doesn't have to know her colors and shapes and learning shouldn't be a chore at that age.
Now that she is 2, she likes to put the shapes in bucket with the lid on. She knows the names of all the shapes but doesn't really know the colors just yet. She absorbs so much by interaction and by people saying the words to her. Not drilling her on a formal level, just by playing. You'd be suprised how much better kids will learn if you gave objects a name instead of saying "Pick that up over there, go get that. No not that, that!" Calling objects "that" does not allow children to learn that objects have different names and especially what those names are. I have said, "Where's the triangle? Go get the triangle. Let's put the triangle in this hole." When she was 13 months, half the time I'd have to go pick up the triangle because there were too many things and she didn't know which object the triangle was but eventually she learned it and now she knows which hole the triangle goes in. I'm sure if I was more vocal with colors she would be there too. I'm not too stressed though. She'll learn her colors eventually.

12 of 15 found the following review helpful:

2How to fix sorter easily.Dec 09, 2012
By Stone_Wolf
So this sorter is okay, but has a MAJOR PROBLEM, fortunately, it is easy to fix.

The major problem is the lid won't stay on, at all. Here is how you fix it:

You will need: 8" of twine or cord, 1 elastic hair band.

Cut the twin in half. Tie one length into a loop with a knot going through the triangle and circle holes.

Loop the hair band in on itself through the twine so they are now connected.

Put the other length of twine through the hair band and blue plastic handle of the base box, and tie it into a loop going through the square and plus holes.

Now the lid is held securely to the box by the tension of the elastic, and can easily be pulled open to removed the shape toys after the child puts them in.

See pictures.

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